Allochthonous Tribe

​​​​It is the year 1227; Chinggis Khan, Scourge of the East lies cooling in his grave... His sons ride for Karakorum at the heart of the Mongol empire where they will vie for the succession. Yet beyond the knowledge of any in Karakorum an unwanted child of war is driven from her people and branded a witch. Far to the west, a young apprentice must flee war and sorcery to stay alive. When the witch from Asia meets the apprentice from the west, the outcome may spell doom for both of them. 

Coming in 2017

Forged in haste, lost in desperate flight, and filled with the power of fallen Seraphim…  The twin blades Moonlight and Darkness promise destruction to beings both mortal and divine. Yet now on the eve of world conquest, these weapons could prove the salvation of the West, or its ruin. 

A stately silver tree arises in the jeweled garden of Karakorum… ​It is the Year of our Lord, 1235. Ögedei Kha'an, Khan of Khans, Emperor of the East, and Scourge of the Steppe decrees that the wondrous Tree of Life, the tree of lost Eden be recreated at his palace in Karakorum. But others have designs on the Tree, and far to the west, a bastard daughter, a onetime witch, a future queen, trains for one purpose alone; if she only knew what it was. 
Presenting a tribe of works-in-progress and moving targets, created, led, and shamelessly promoted by C.B. Matson