​​​It is the year 1227; Genghis Khan, Scourge of the East lies cooling in his grave...

His sons ride for Karakorum at the heart of the Mongol empire where they will vie for the succession. Yet beyond the knowledge of any in Karakorum an unwanted child of war is driven from her people and forced to take up a new life as the half-breed niece of a Mongol Khan. When young Cnán is branded a witch and condemned to death by her adopted tribe, she must capture the heart of a young warrior if she is to survive.
  Far to the west, Raef of Livonia faces a difficult choice between his values and his desire for vengeance. In a world turned upside down, Raef joins a secret brethren of warrior priests. He must take on their fight to defend what remains of civilization against a rising wave of greed and lawlessness. The ensuing turmoil sweeps Raef from his home and drags him into a world of old gods, warring factions, and sudden death.
​     Between these disparate cultures, the esoteric league of Binders pursue their own objectives. They know that the Mongol nation will soon move against the weakened Empire of Rome and they fear a world in flames if nothing is done. Through their shadowy intelligence web, the Binders hear of a legendary Red Messenger, destined to stem the Mongol invasion. Somehow, the Binders must contrive to bring the Livonian boy together with the half-breed Mongol girl -- for only together can they summon the Red Messenger. (MORE)

A stately silver tree arises in the jeweled garden of Karakorum… 
It is the Year of our Lord, 1235. Ögedei Khan, Khan of Khans, Emperor of the East, and Scourge of the Steppe turns his eye to the west where walls of pounded earth are all that stand between him and the wealth of a hundred cities. His generals have obliterated the Khwarezmid Empire and fallen Baghdad now pays tribute in slaves and treasure. Yet not all treasure can be measured in gold; a man who dies wealthy still dies. The Nestorian priests speak of their Murdered God who arose to walk again; and they speak of the Tree of Life and its fruit that conveys immortality.
  Now, to be hung from a post and gutted is not to Ögedei’s liking; nor does he believe he will arise and walk as a result. But this tree, this wondrous tree could make him eternal ruler of the world. And so he decrees: magicians, wise men, crafters in metal, all must be summoned to Karakorum where they will recreate the forbidden tree of Eden.   West of Eden, west of the Volga River, west even of the Caspian Sea, a bastard daughter, a onetime witch, a future queen, trains for one purpose and one purpose alone; if she only knew what it was.
Cnán and Simon are on the road again in another action-filled adventure of love, death and the forbidden Tree of Eden. (MORE)

Towering above the Kwarzamid plain, mighty Alamut hides a terrible secret… 
The twin blades Moonlight and Darkness promise destruction to beings both mortal and divine. Yet now on the eve of the greatest world conquest since Alexander rode from Macedon, these weapons could prove the salvation of the West, or its ruin. 
​​Fleeing the chaos of Karakorum and the wrath of Ögedei Khan, Simon Polevoi discovers that his one-time apprentice has fallen into the hands of the Nizari Fidai, the Assassins of Alamut. With the reluctant help of Cnán the Binder, Simon sets out to find his apprentice and pull the fangs of the Assassins.
​ Fleeing the Mongol's wrath, Cnán and Simon find themselves allied with a company of murderous Dacoits and Aghori cannibals. They must find lost Raef, but will he be an ally or an adversary? Old friends and old enemies join forces to confront the Assassins of Alamut in this final struggle to halt the destruction of Europe.

Cloven Earth

Red Messenger Series

Moonlight and Darkness

Broken Sky